Don Swift and Associates

Consulting services for your business


Don Swift & Associates is a privately owned business which specializes in assisting companies in achieving excellence in their Human Resources and Quality Management Systems by focusing on the customer, employing continual improvement tools, and assisting their employees in the commitment to excellence.

Our philosophy
Don's overall philosophy is that you must do what you do as if you are serving a higher power.  You must see integrity and excellence as the fabric of your endeavors.  Your sense of excellence in service must extend to your partners and employees and inspire them to the highest levels of competency.  There must be joy and happiness in your leadership.

Our commitment to results
Don Swift and Associates works with your Company with a focus on the Human Side of Quality.  The Company’s promise is to provide excellent services and to clearly and completely satisfy you by providing experiences which exceed your expectations.

Our experience
We know the challenges businesses face today. Don Swift and Associates has been in your shoes. Let us work with you, your employees, and your systems to give you the world class leadership style, employees, and products/services you deserve. 


 Phone: 765-617-5510

1923 Ardath Ave.
Wichita Falls, TX 76301

Senior Member of the American Society for Quality;

Professional Member of the Society of Human Resources Management

Credentialed Member of Texas Association of Mediation


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